Completed Projects


212-NTMWD Wylie

WTP Anhydrous Ammonia Tank Critical Upgrades

This project consists of improvements to the Plant I, II, III and IV anhydrous ammonia storage tanks including replacement of valves, level instruments, gauges and related equipment. Draining, inspection, and testing of the anhydrous ammonia tanks.
August, 2019, $536,750

210-Brazos River Authority

Morris Shepard Dam

Construction of platforms beneath the two ring jet valves located at the Powerhouse of the Morris Shepard Dam at Possum Kingdom Reservoir in Graford, TX. Platforms will facilitate maintenance access for the valves and will be integrated into the existing concrete structure.
July, 2019, $337,000

206-City of Farmersville

Water Treatment Plant 1 Rehabilitation

Work of the project consists of replacing existing rock trickling filter media with plastic media, replacing of the existing final clarifier equipment, a new trickling filter recycle lift station, a SCADA system and all associated appurtenances, and miscellaneous surface restoration. 
July, 2019, $891,000

204-City of Wylie Texas

NORTEX Ground Storage Reservoir 

Removal of an existing 917,500 gallon bolted steel reservoir, foundation and contaminated soils. Construction of the Nortex 1.0 MG Precast, wire-wound, pre-stressed concrete, AWWA D110, Type III, Ground Storage Reservoir; associated 14-inch diameter inlet and 24-inch diameter outlet piping, valves and all electrical appurtenances.
December, 2020, $2,000,000

203-Dallas Water Utilities (City of Dallas)

South-Side Peak Flow Basin Expansion

Expanding the existing Peak Flow Basin No. 4 to contain a total volume of 214.5 million gallons. New perimeter access road. Concrete repair to embankment walls in Peak Flow Basin Nos. 1-3. Installation of a 48-inch diameter diversion lie from the Peak Flow Basin No. 1 influent pipe lines to Peak Flow Basin No. 4, including installation of four isolation plug valves.
December, 2020, $14,400,000

200-Trinity River Authority of Texas Central Regional Wastewater System.

Phase IIIA Filter Improvements.

Convert two gravity effluent filters to new diamond filter equipment and modifications to filter covers and bird netting.
October, 2020, $5,741,000

199-Trinity River Authority of Texas Central Regional Wastewater System

Chlorination Vent Line Improvements.

Replacement of chlorine scrubber units and evaporator vent piping.

198-Phase III FSG Ductbank.

Remove and replace concrete paving for electrical ductbank.

October, 2016, $51,042

197-Trinity River Authority of Texas Central Regional Wastewater System.

Headworks B Phase I

Replace of influent bar screens and grit equipment and electrical room modifications. 
October, 2020, $6,387,000

196-Trinity River Authority of Texas Central Regional Wastewater System

Phase II Solids Improvements.

Construct pump station, install mixers, baffle walls, electrical and controls improvements.
October, 2020, $20,900,000

195-Trinity River Authority of Texas Central Regional Wastewater System

Phase V Aeration Basin Improvements.

Modify 12 aeration basins, install mixers, baffle walls, electrical and control improvements.
October, 2020, $14,590,000

194-Trinity River Authority of Texas.

Ten Mile Secondary Treatment Improvements.

Replacement of one travailing bridge filter with a new diamond filter and installation of a test BPR system including electrical improvements.

192-City of Lubbock Texas

Northwest Water Reclamation Plant Phase 1A.

Construction of complete, new treatment plant including RW pump station, preliminary treatment structure, EQ basin, BIO reactor, membrane basin, RAS PS and chemical feed.

191-Phase IV Improvements.

Upgrade 24 final clarifiers, replace sluice gates, renovate and add chemical treatment facilities, epair structures, coatings, electrical and instrumentation.

October, 2017, $13,976,541

190-Phase I Solids Management Improvements.

Construction of new pump station including electrical room, new gravity thickener, modifications to existing division box, odor control facility, yard piping, electrical field instrumentation, miscellaneous modifications and improvements to existing plant facilities.

December, 2017, $18,750,000

189-Sunbeam Junction Structure.

Construction of new raw water junction box to replace 30 year old structure.

May, 2014, $2,037,112

188-Phase II Filter Improvements.

Convert four gravity effluent filters to new diamond filter equipment.

September, 2015, $7,294,000

187-Huntsville Expanstion to 12 MGD.

Expansion of WTP including de-nitrifying filters, BW pump station, clearwell high service pumps station and electrical additions.

August, 2015, $16,724,134

186-Trinity River Authority of Texas Central Regional Wastewater System

Coarse screen improvements.

Addition of six coarse screen at central WWTP headworks including three process pumps, piping and electrical improvements.

185-Dallas Elm Fork WTP.

Major maintenance modifications and renovations to the flocculation basin, sludge pumps, lime feed ferric facility, plant by-pass and entrance.

September, 2013, $17,710,506

184-On Site Storage System.

Add new 125 MGD storage facility for wet weather and overflow. Includes excavation, soil stabilization, concrete, piping, pumping, electrical and instrumentation.

December, 2013, $43,299,807

183-Ten Mile Creek Improvements.

Add new preliminary treatment unit and convert sludge lagoons to a wet weather treatment facility. Includes major enhancement to electrical and instrumentation system.

August, 2015, $15,187,184

182-Dallas SCADA Improvements.

Subcontractor to CHIANG, PATEL and YERBY and prime controls performing architectural modifications and improvements to the main city of Dallas SCADA building at White Rock Lake.

December, 2013, $518,586

181-Aeration Basin Improvements.

Equipment and piping renovation and modification to aeration basins 1 through 12.

April, 2014, $16,151,242

180-Pump Station 13/13A Improvments.

Pump replacement and electrical improvements at RAS/WAS pump stations.

April, 2014, $17,063,519

179-TRA Pump Station Phase IV-C.

Remove and replace two bar screens at pump station 6 including electrical modifications and improments.

May, 2014, $4,559,454

178-Phase I Filter Improvements.

Renovation of four gravity effluent filters utilizing new diamond filter technology.

April,2012, $7,592,565

177-Eddy Current Drive Replacement.

Electrical improvements and motor replacement on five raw water pumps at primary pump station 6A.

April, 2012, $6,223,804

176-Panther Creek Expansion.

Addition and modifications to the existing wastewater treatment plant to increase capacity to 10 MGD.

December, 2010, $18,092,873

175-Rolling Hills Filter Modifications.

Modifications and renovation of filters 1 through 20 at the Rolling Hills Water Treatment Plant.

May, 2009, $471,036

174-MacArthur Pump Station Project.

Construction of a new pump station, including appurtenant yard piping, meter vaults, electrical, instrumentation, site work and demolition.

September, 2011, $14,578,163

173-Central Regional Wastewater System Solids Handling Improvements.

Addition of new gravity belt thickener, pumps and storage facilities at an existing facility.

December, 2009, $4,704,874

172-Denton Creek Regional Wastewater System.

Addition of a new wastewater train and modifications to existing facilities to increase capacity to 11.5 MGD.

July, 2010, $39,131,477

171-Southeast Water Reclamation Plant Improvements.

Modifications and additions to the existing wastewater plant to increase current capacity.

December, 2011, $44,812,529

170-Lake O' The Pines South-side Water Supply Project.

Booster pump stations, various additions and improvements to the MIMS WWP water supply system.

October, 2008, $2,377,108

169-Central Regional Wastewater System.

Construction of new process pump station 13 B, modifications to pump station 13, hydraulic piping improvements and modifications to the aeration and equalization basins.

December, 2009, $23,976,308

168-MIMS Water Treatment Plant Expansion.

Addition of second treatment train to an existing plant doubling capacity to 8 MGD.

December, 2008, $9,807,146

167-Muddy Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant Expansion.

Additional facilities required to increase plant capacity to 10 MGD.

December, 2007, $8,432,109

166-TRA Retrofit Filters 3 and 4.

Demolition and retrofit effluent with diamond cloth media equipment.

November, 2007, $2,606,425

165-Diversion Pump Station.

Construction of new diversion pump station for the east fork raw water supply project.

March, 2008, $11,977,141

164-Lower East Fork Interceptor Lift Station.

Construction of new station and standby generator for the east fork interceptor.

November, 2007, $4,499,040

163-Rehabilitation of Chain and Flight Collectors.

Removal and replacement of chain and flight collectors in the original basins at the Upper Trinity Regional Water Plant.

June, 2006, $167,797

162-Lake Kemp Reservoir and Pump Station.

Construction of intake reservoir and new pump station at the headquarters road site.

January, 2007, $3,523,758

161-TRA Stage VII Odor Control.

Renovation and addition of new odor control equipment at the headworks and grit basins.

March, 2008, $8,973,020

160-TRA Primary Clarifier Pipe Repair.

Modifications, repair and replacement of piping in the clarifier effluent train.

October, 2006, $2,939,038

159-Bachman Water Treatment Plant High Service Station.

Construction of new pump station with six 25,000 GPM horizontal split case pumps, demolition of a 10 MG clearlwell.

March, 2008, $33,995,437

157-Jasper Water Treatment Plant Modifications.

Replacement of treatment facilities, renovation of filters and addition of sludge treatment facilities.

June, 2007, $20,025,974

156/158-South-side Process controls System Expansion.

Civil and mechanical modifications associated with a prime electrical and instrumentation contract.

June, 2005, $1,032,353

155-Dallas Greenville Pump Station Improvements.

Construction of new pump station, renovation of existing facilities, piping and electrical improvements.

March, 2006, $9,954,000

154-Dallas South-side Digesters 9 and 10.

Addition of 2 digesters to facility currently under construction at the time, including concrete, piping, equipment, electrical and instrumentation.

February, 2005, $8,424,531

153-Muddy Creek Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant.

construction of new 5.0 MGD wastewater treatment plant including lift station, headworks, primary and secondary clarifiers, aeration basin filters, UV system, sludge handling facility, odor control, piping, electrical and instrumentation.

April, 2005, $15,511,489

152-TRA Denton Creek WWTP.

Renovations and expansion to 5 MGD, including new SBR, EQ basin, Filters, additions to preliminary treatment unit, piping, electrical instrumentation.

November, 2004, $7,265,463

151-TRA Central Effluent Line Repairs.

Repair and replace various size effluent piping at the phase III primary clarifiers.

May, 2003, $1,177,182

150-Dallas South-side Digester Additions.

Addition of 3 complete digesters including concrete, piping, equipment, electrical and instrumentation.

December, 2004, $26,189,357

149-TRA Central Headwork.

Replacement of 5 bar screens in pump station 6 & 6A including concrete modifications and electrical and instrumentation.

October, 2004, $7,101,010

148-Plainview Water Reclamation Plant Improvements.

Complete wastewater treatment system at an existing site including influent lift station, grit removal, aeration basin, secondary clarifiers, chlorine contact, belt press and operations building.

August, 2003, $8,948,566

147-Rolling Hills Ozonation Facilities.

Addition of ozonation process for 200 MGD plant including contactor, generation building, lox storage and replacement of PAC storage facility.

April, 2003, $16,506,744

146-Central WWTP Chlorine Basin Improvements.

Addition of new chlorine contact basin including, influent and effluent culvert, junction box modifications and ammonia feed equipment.

February, 2003, $6,335,869

145-O.N. Stevens Water Treatment Plant System Phase I Filter Media Replacement.

Remove and replace filter underdrain media and air scour piping on 22 filters.

December, 2001, $4,733,583

144-Regional Water Treatment Plant Expansion Phase II.

A major enlargement and renovation to an existing water treatment plant in Lewisville Texas for the Upper Trinity Regional Water District including, new flocculation basins, equipment, ozone treatment facilities, enhancement of chemical feed facilities with associated piping and electrical work.

December, 2001, $27,052,088

143-Bachman Water Treatment Plant Stage II Improvements.

Modifications and renovations to City of Dallas Bachman Water Treatment Plant. Primarily replacement of flocculation and sedimentation equipment and new chemical feed  improvements.

October, 2001, $9,478,580

141-Mansfield Water Treatment Plant Expansion.

Additions and modifications to existing water treatment plant for the City of Mansfield Texas including new filters, flocculation basins, equipment and new chemical feed facilities.

June, 2000, $5,985,000

140-Upper Trinity Pump Station

Addition of one raw water pump with associated valves and piping at existing aw water pump station.

June, 1999, $649,994

139-East-side Water Treatment Plant Renovations City of Dallas Texas.

Major filter and electrical renovations and improvements to the east-side water treatment plant with subsidiary work at the Bachman Water Treatment Plant and Forney Pump Station.

October, 2000, $32,940,808

138-South Holly Treatment Plant City of Fort Worth Texas.

Removal and replacement of filter under drains and media and addition of new air scour piping, valves and blowers.

October, 1998, $6,202,372

137-A.R. Davis Water Treatment Plant City of Austin Texas.

Removal and replacement of flocculation equipment including structural repairs, electrical and instrumentation work.

August, 1998, $4,447,399

136-Odessa Water Treatment Plant Rehabilitation.

Renovation and replacement of flocculators, filters and other miscellaneous work.

November, 1997, $2,004,346

135-Water Pollution Control Plant Expansion and Improvements.

Expansion of existing WWTP for the City of Midland Texas.

April, 1999, $12,116,731

134-Expansion of the Denton Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant

Additions and expansion of existing WWTP for the Trinity River Authority of Texas.

May, 1997, $6,172,644

133-Solids Treatment Facilities Improvements.

Additions and renovations to existing WWTP including lime handling facilities and digester repairs.

May, 1997, $3,686,116

132-High Service Pumping Improvements.

Addition of high service pumps and VFD's and additional foundations and piping work.

March, 1996, $1,232,460

131- O.N. Stevens Water Treatment Plant Improvements.

Renovate and upgrade 12 filters including filter under drains media, piping ETC.

June, 1996, $6,753,718

130-Abilene Water Reclamation Plant Improvements.

Additions and renovations to existing water reclamation plant for the City of Abilene Texas.

November, 1995, $3,886.00

129-Mineral Wells Wastewater Treatment Plant Improvements.

Additions and improvements to existing wastewater treatment plant for the City of Mineral Wells Texas.

July, 1995, $2,268,294

128-Trinity River Authority Water System Improvements.

Additions and renovations to existing water treatment plant and two pump station.

April, 1995, $4,281,294

127-Bridgeport Wastewater Treatment Plant Improvements.

Additions and improvements to existing wastewater treatment plant.

May, 1993, $1,802,536

126-Glen Rose Wastewater Treatment Plant Improvements.

Additions and improvements to existing wastewater treatment plant for the City of Glen Rose Texas.

November,1993, $1,423,267

125-Hillsboro Wastewater Treatment Plant Improvements.

Additions and improvements to existing wastewater treatment plant.

Novmeber, 1993, $2,141,260

124-Sedimentation/Clarifier Basin Improvements Park Cities Municipal Utility District.

Rehabilitation and modifications to clarifiers structures and equipment.

April, 1993, $602,815

123-City of Semour Texas Wastewater Treatment Plant.

New wastewater treatment plant including two clarifiers, aeration basin, pumping facilities, sludge beds, chlorine contact basin, operations building and site work.

January, 1993, $1,579,425

122-Super Conducting Super Collider Ellis County Texas.

Magnet test laboratory foundation preparation package, miscellaneous concrete, excavation and drilled piers.

March, 1992, $239,000

121-Filtration Improvements Park Cities Municipal Utility District.

Rehabilitation of filters at water treatment plaint in Dallas Texas.

March, 1992, $643,00

120-Wastewater Treatment Facilities Clyde Texas.

New wastewater treatment plant including clarifier and aeration basin, pumping facilities sludge beds, operation building and site work.

November, 1991, $1,315,075

119-Wicker Street Reservoir and Pump Station Improvements.

Construction of new 5.0 MG reservoir, yard piping, metering facilities, valve vaults, instrumentation and associated site work for City of Farmers Branch Texas.

October, 1991, $2,056,990

118-Hackberry Pump Station Improvments Irving Texas.

Installation of new high service pumps with associated piping, control valves, building modifications, instrumentation and related work.

January, 1991, $539,400

117-Immediate Improvements Elm Fork Water Plant Dallas Texas.

Renovate floculation basins and headworks including demolition of existing facilities and constructing new concrete and mechanical work.

July, 1990, $1,188,597

116-Fuel Oil Facilities Mesquite Texas.

New fuel oil tanks, containment building, piping, valves and site work for AT&T Dallas Works.

April, 1990, $293,750

115-5.0 MG Ground Storage Reservoir Irving Texas.

Concrete foundation and yard piping at Hackberry Pump Station.

May, 1990, $318,000

114-Odor Control Facilities Abilene Texas.

Installation of Odor control equipment including necessary piping and mechanical work at Buck Creek Lift Station.

January, 1990, $428,625

113-Country Club Pump Station Lucas Texas.

Construction of new pump station and storage tank with associated pump building, piping instrumentation and appurtenances for City of Lucas.

October, 1989, $381,197

112-High Service Pump and Valve Installation Fort Worth Texas.

Installation of 15 MGD pump and associated piping and valves for Fort Worth Water Department.

July, 1989, $136,109

111-Water Treatment Plant Rehabilitation Athens Texas.

Renovate Filter, clarifier, floculators, pumping equipment, piping and valve replacement.

January, 1990, $286,221

110-Pump Station Modifications and Storage Tank Joshua Texas.

Tank foundation and pump station piping at five locations for Brazos River Authority.

October, 1989, $358,696

109-5.0 MG Ground Storage Reservoir Bedford Texas.

Concrete foundation and yard piping for new reservoir.

September, 1988, $121,500

108-15 MG Ground Storage Reservoir Tulsa Oklahoma.

Concrete foundation, yard piping, misc. construction for new reservoir.

December, 1988, $713,000

107-Casa View-Haile Pump Staion Dallas Texas.

Construction of pump station for North Texas Municipal Water District.

June, 1988, $292,000

106-Rate of Flow Controllers and Vaults City of Terrell

Installation of eight rate of flow controllers and vaults with associated piping and valves.

May, 1988, $62,000

105-Pump Station Keller Texas.

Concrete tank foundation and select fill for city of Keller pump station.

February, 1988, $76,000

104-Ground Storage Reservoirs Irving Texas.

Concrete foundations and yard piping for two 5.0 MG ground storage reservoirs.

February, 1988, $435,000

103-Alta Mesa and South-cliff Pump Stations City of Dallas.

Installation of pumps and mechanical piping.

December, 1987, $119,000

102-West Texas Pump Station Improvements.

Concrete work, pumps and mechanical pipping for five locations near Albany and Breckenridge Texas.

January, 1988, $358,000