Current Projects


208-Leonard Water Treatment Plant

Bid Package 5.3 Pre-treatment Structural and Mechanical Package

The Leonard Water Treatment Plant project consist of constructing new flocculation and sedimentation basins.

207-City of Wylie Texas

NTMWD High Service Pump Station 3-1 Improvements

High Service Pump Station 3-1: Consists of the following rehabilitation elements, replacing the existing 48-inch butterfly isolation valves for Pumps 1 and 3, replacing the existing 36-inch pump control ball valves for Pumps 1 and 3, replacing the existing 6-inch air/vacuum valves for Pumps 1 through 5 with combination air release and vacuum valves, replacing the existing 4-inch pump barrel air valves for Pumps 1 through 7 with standpipes, replacing existing 4-inch air valve on the west 90-inch discharge header. The existing pump control ball valve actuators for Pumps 1 through 5 will be replaced with rotary-type electraulic actuators. Recoating the west 90-inch discharge header inside HSPS 3-1 and associated pump discharge piping for Pumps 1 through 5. Installing a 96-inch butterfly isolation valve and associated manhole and manway on the 96-inch suction line north of HSPS 3-1. Electrical switchgear improvements and modifications, SCADA communications and PLC consolidation and other miscellaneous work.

206-City of Farmersville

Water Treatment Plant 1 Rehabilitation

Work of the project consists of replacing existing rock trickling filter media with plastic media, replacing of the existing final clarifier equipment, a new trickling filter recycle lift station, a SCADA system and all associated appurtenances, and miscellaneous surface restoration. 

205-City of Wylie Texas

NTMWD Wylie Rapid-Mix and Sedimentation Improvements

Demolition of existing Rapid Mix Basin, four (4) Clariflocculator units (with appurtenant systems) four (4) Raw Water Meter Vaults and South Sludge Pump Stations. Demolition of existing piping, electrical conduits, control wiring, etc. that will no longer be utilized. Addition of a new Treatment Structure comprised of a Raw Water Meter Vault, Rapid Mix Area, and two (2) sets of Flocculation Basins, Sedimentation Basins and other site modifications.

204-City of Wylie Texas

NORTEX Ground Storage Reservoir

Removal of an existing 917,500 gallon bolted steel reservoir, foundation and contaminated soils. Construction of the Nortex 1.0 MG Precast, wire-wound, pre-stressed concrete, AWWA D110, Type III, Ground Storage Reservoir; associated 14-inch diameter inlet and 24-inch diameter outlet piping, valves and all electrical appurtenances.

203-Dallas Water Utilities (City of Dallas)

South-Side Peak Flow Basin Expansion

Expanding the existing Peak Flow Basin No. 4 to contain a total volume of 214.5 million
gallons. New perimeter access road. Concrete repair to embankment walls in Peak Flow Basin Nos. 1-3. Installation of a 48-inch diameter diversion line from the Peak Flow Basin No. 1 influent pipe lines to Peak Flow Basin No. 4, including installation of four isolation plug valves and miscellaneous electrical modifications.


201-Upper Leon River Municipal Water District

DWSRF Water System Improvements.

This project will upgrade and expand portions of the ULRMWD water
system. The proposed rated capacity for the water treatment plant (WTP)
will be 9.5 mgd. The rated capacity of the WTP will initially be 8.76 mgd
pending full-scale testing and up-rating of the proposed plate settler
sedimentation basins.


200-Trinity River Authority of Texas Central Regional Wastewater System

Phase IIIA Filter Improvements.

Convert two gravity effluent filters to new diamond filter equipment and modifications to filter covers and bird netting.

197-Trinity River Authority of Texas Central Regional  Wastewater System

Headworks B Phase I.

Replace of inffluent bar screens and grit equipment and electrical room modifications.

196-Trinity River Authority of Texas Central Regional Wastewater System

Phase II Solids Improvements.

Construct pump station, install mixers, baffle walls, electrical and controls improvements.

195-Trinity River Authority of Texas Central Regional Wastewater System

Phase V Aeration Basins Improvements.

Modify 12 aeration basins, install mixers, baffle walls, electrical and controls improvements.

193-Trinity River Authority of Texas

Ten Mile Creek Regional Wastewater System.

Replace RAS, WAS & thickener pumps, replace plant water line, replace drain valves at 14 locations, replace screenings compactors and make electrical improvements.


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