Current Projects


217-Village Creek

Sludge Thickening

The scope of this project consists of repurposing of an existing building into a new sludge thickening facility. The facility will have a new roof, bridge crane, nine rotary drum thickeners, one gravity belt thickener, polymer storage and feed equipment, thickening unit sludge feed pumps and thickened sludge pumps. Construction of a new electrical building to house electrical equipment for the sludge thickening facility. Repurposing of two gravity thickeners into primary sludge holding tanks complete with pump and nozzle type mixing systems. Rehabilitation of two existing sludge blend tank including replacement of the mixing system, removal of cover insulation, painting of the cover, and replacement of the cover annual seal. Addition of a partition wall in the existing gravity belt thickener building. Decommissioning the existing dissolved air flotation tanks. Electrical and instrumentation improvements. 

216-NTMWD Plano Spring Creek

Lift Station No. 2 Improvements

The Plano Spring Creek Lift Station No. 2 is increasing to 60 MGD firm pumping capacity by replacing four pumps, suction and discharge piping, valves, electrical and control equipment including AFD’s. There is approximately 900 liner feet of 30-inch gravity pipe line parallel to the existing Plano Spring Creek Interceptor Diversion. Replacing 75 linear feet of existing 36-Inch gravity pipe line with 42-inch pipe which will include bypass pumping and piping. Installing approximately 235 linear feet of 42-inch force main pipeline including the bore underneath the DART ROW. Decommissioning the existing Plano Spring Creek Lift Station No. 1, influent piping, force main discharge, meter vault and all appurtenances. Reroute and provide approximately 250 linear feet of 8-inch gravity pipeline including the bore underneath DART ROW. 

215-UTRWD Doe Branch

WRP Phase 2 Expansion

The Doe Branch Water Reclamation Facility is expanding from an annual average daily flow capacity of 2 million gallons per day (MGD) to 4 MGD. Major improvements include expansion of the existing influent lift station, a new grit removal facility, aeration basin and blower building modifications, a new secondary clarifier distribution structure, a new secondary clarifier, RAS/WAS pump station modifications, expansion of the cloth media tertiary filters, expansion of the ultraviolet disinfection system, expansion of the post aeration system, expansion of the plant water system, modifications to the sludge holding tanks, a new operations building and a new emergency generator. 

214-NTMWD Floyd Branch

RWWTP Process Optimization Improvements

This project consists of new BioMag equipment including the Magnetite Recovery System, Magnetite Storage and Feed Systems, Ballast Mix Tank and Ballast Return Pumps, Polymer Feed System and 100-tons of Magnetite. Addition of a new BioMag Building, improvements within the Aeration Basins, Secondary Clarifiers, and Activated Sludge System (i.e. Blower and RAS/WAS system improvements). Electrical and Instrumentations Plant Improvements as well as other miscellaneous Plant improvements. Addition for 600-vertical linear feet of 24-inch concrete drilled piers at the BioMag Building and the Transformer pad.

211-NTMWD Muddy Creek

WWTP Improvements

This project will provide emergency power, replace PLCs and improve odor control at the Muddy Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant.  The following is a brief summary of work: Provide emergency power for the Muddy Creek Waste Water Treatment Plant, 480V, 1500 kW generators, automatic transfer switchgear. Replace 5 PLCs currently located in existing Motor Control Center sections. Replace the foul air handling system using diffused aeration with a bioscrubber.

209-DWU Walnut Hill Pump Replacement

Design-Build Project

The DWU Walnut Hill Pump Replacement project consist of constructing a new pump station. 

208-Leonard Water Treatment Plant

Bid Package 5.3 Pre-treatment Structural and Mechanical Package

The Leonard Water Treatment Plant project consist of constructing new flocculation and sedimentation basins.

207-City of Wylie Texas

NTMWD High Service Pump Station 3-1 Improvements

High Service Pump Station 3-1: Consists of the following rehabilitation elements, replacing the existing 48-inch butterfly isolation valves for Pumps 1 and 3, replacing the existing 36-inch pump control ball valves for Pumps 1 and 3, replacing the existing 6-inch air/vacuum valves for Pumps 1 through 5 with combination air release and vacuum valves, replacing the existing 4-inch pump barrel air valves for Pumps 1 through 7 with standpipes, replacing existing 4-inch air valve on the west 90-inch discharge header. The existing pump control ball valve actuators for Pumps 1 through 5 will be replaced with rotary-type electraulic actuators. Recoating the west 90-inch discharge header inside HSPS 3-1 and associated pump discharge piping for Pumps 1 through 5. Installing a 96-inch butterfly isolation valve and associated manhole and manway on the 96-inch suction line north of HSPS 3-1. Electrical switchgear improvements and modifications, SCADA communications and PLC consolidation and other miscellaneous work.

205-City of Wylie Texas

NTMWD Wylie Rapid-Mix and Sedimentation Improvements

Demolition of existing Rapid Mix Basin, four (4) Clariflocculator units (with appurtenant systems) four (4) Raw Water Meter Vaults and South Sludge Pump Stations. Demolition of existing piping, electrical conduits, control wiring, etc. that will no longer be utilized. Addition of a new Treatment Structure comprised of a Raw Water Meter Vault, Rapid Mix Area, and two (2) sets of Flocculation Basins, Sedimentation Basins and other site modifications.

201-Upper Leon River Municipal Water District

DWSRF Water System Improvements.

This project will upgrade and expand portions of the ULRMWD water
system. The proposed rated capacity for the water treatment plant (WTP)
will be 9.5 mgd. The rated capacity of the WTP will initially be 8.76 mgd
pending full-scale testing and up-rating of the proposed plate settler
sedimentation basins.


193-Trinity River Authority of Texas

Ten Mile Creek Regional Wastewater System.

Replace RAS, WAS & thickener pumps, replace plant water line, replace drain valves at 14 locations, replace screenings compactors and make electrical improvements.